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Grano de Vida means Grain of Life.

Grano de Vida brings extraordinarily fresh flavors to baked breads and culinary delights, using the season's highest quality ingredients. In my culinary journey, I want to share my passion for baked or cooked, made from scratch, nutritious foods. My desire is for people to taste real food the way it was meant to taste without chemicals or preservatives. Bringing enjoyable flavors to everyday meals is my passion.


only the freshest ingredients

At Grano de Vida we use only the finest ingredients. We believe in order to achieve superior taste, you must start with exceptional ingredients.

Wheat Berries: All our wheat breads are baked with locally grown Hayden Flour Mills Wheat Berries, which are ground fresh daily for the highest nutritional breads. We use a Red Fife Hard Spring Wheat Berry, dating back to the very early 1800's. We also use a White Sonoran Wheat Berry dating back to the 1800's. Both of these wheat berries have not been touched by science.

Flours: We use King Arthur unbleached flour and a high quality Honeyville high gluten flour.

Oils: In our kitchen the only oil used for our baking is olive oil. We use unsalted butter to make yummy scones and baked donuts.

We use organic products whenever possible including raisins, jams, and berries. We hand chop all our fresh garlic, which allows for a wonderful garlic taste.

Cheese is purchased from Trader Joe's and we are always looking for something new from the cheese department.

We use honey in most of our breads, with a sprinkle of white sugar added to our cinnamon swirl breads.

Our ciabatta rolls start with high gluten Honeyville flour from Utah.

The garlic in our whole wheat garlic bread, is hand chopped fresh for every batch.

Thick rolled oats, an abundance of fragrant cinnamon, fresh hand grated sharp cheddar cheese, and fresh milled peppercorns, are a few of the ingredients we incorporate into our bagels.

When making our pesto, we start with basil grown in our garden. We add hand chopped garlic, Parmigiano Reggiano, Romano cheese, butter, olive oil and raw almonds. The ingredients are blended together to create a delicious sauce to top pasta, pizza or your favorite Tuscan bread.

We aim for the highest quality in everything we do. Enjoy trying all our specialty breads and sauces.

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